• Fragrance of God

    There was only one strawberry in the entire patch, but I could smell it. I couldn’t see it, but I could smell its sweet perfume. It was strong and heady,

  • Threat to Marriage

    It is unclear to me why same-sex marriage is a threat to my heterosexual marriage or even the institution of marriage. What is clear to me is a recent mock

  • Urgency

    The mail arrives and on the outside of two envelopes is the word URGENT in red. It grabs your attention so you involuntarily look closer. It quickly becomes obvious that

  • Belong Where You Live

    The following excerpt is from a book by Wendell Berry called ” Imagination in Place”. These particular phrases come from the essay, ” American Imagination and the Civil War”. “If

  • Perfection Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

    She called to me from the sidewalk. “Your garden is perfect.” I looked up and because I hadn’t quite heard her said, “Oh, hello. What was that?”  “Your garden is