140 Years–The Wisdom of Stability

The front of the FCC Pomona building on a sunny morning.

As our congregation approaches 140 years of ministry in the Pomona Valley, we believe it is vital for us to consider collectively what it means for a gathered community of Christians to stay in place. Stability is a spiritual practice that began with the Desert Mothers and Fathers of the 3rd century, and it is the first rule of community life in the Benedictine order. What does it mean for Christians now, who are not living a monastic life, to practice stability?

Join us as we explore, through reflection, story, and conversation, the spiritual practice of stability for our own lives as Christians and as a community of faith.

Once a month for six months, beginning on Sunday, February 26, we will meet for 90 minutes after worship. Jonathan Winston-Hargrove’s book, The Wisdom of Stability, is the platform for our exploration. It is our hope, as your pastors, that this time together will inform how we imagine our future, as we recognize and celebrate our past and give thanks for the present moments of ministry we share. Books are being purchased in bulk to save on costs; you can make a donation of $15 for your own copy. Please call or email the Church Office with your intention to participate.

If you decide to join this journey, we hope you will make every effort to participate each month, for all six months! The first two meetings will be on Sunday, February 26 and Sunday, March 26; the dates for the remaining four are still being determined and will be announced once they are set. These sessions will be in-person only.


  1. Nancy DeWolf says

    I love this church!

  2. Nancy A DeWolf says

    I love this church!

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