• Julie’s Jar, “Take A Moment”

    There is a practice among Christians during the season of Lent. That practice is to “give something up”. The practice is ostensibly for the purpose of appreciating in some small

  • Julie’s Jar

    Disappointment is part of life. Learning to deal with disappointment is part of how we develop wisdom and maturity. It was a disappointment that Werner Tillinger could not be with

  • Julie’s Jar “What Makes Us Great”

    ~What Makes Us Great?~ “Great job,” we tell someone when we like or approve of something they’ve┬ádone. “He’s a great man,” we say of a man who has wielded power

  • Julie’s Jar “Getting Ready”

    ~Getting Ready~ There is a lot of getting ready going on. In addition to everything else going on in our lives: work, doctor’s appointments, exercise, class, finals, looking for work,

  • Julie’s Jar & Mike’s Left-Hand Remark

    Julie’s Jar & Mike’s Left-Hand Remark Giving Thanks and Looking Forward First Christian Church of Pomona is a community that continues to find ways to express the hospitality of Christ.