• Julie’s Jar, “Tradition”

    Tradition… Thanksgiving is filled and fraught with tradition. When you think of the traditions of Thanksgiving that were part of your life 20, 30, 50 years ago, what has changed

  • Julie’s Jar, On “The Gathering”

    On “The Gathering” Thank you for being First Christian Church of Pomona, a place where the edges of our region met on Oct. 22nd. Thank you for being a people

  • Julie’s Jar

    Jesus was born into a culture of violence. Games of brutality were popular with men fighting one another, sometimes to the death. Often they were forced to fight for their

  • Julie’s Jar

    I imagine there are some people who are sad, angry or indignant that the fourth grade mission project, once a rite of passage for parents of California 4th graders, has gone

  • Julie’s Jar, “Trying Something New”

    ~Trying Something New~ The first Spiritual Practices of Pomona Meet Up group met last night. 12 people RSVPd who are not associated with the congregation. One actually was brave enough