• The NONEs

    1/5 of the country is in the NONE group; they don’t belong to any organized religion, and are most likely to be under the age of thirty. How many people

  • Sharing

    Sharing Lunch at Campbell Lodge Groundbreaking at Loch Leven Camp and Conference Center It surprised me, the number of people who viewed an article I posted on the church Facebook

  • Boston

    Perhaps you know someone who lives in Boston or one of the neighboring towns. Perhaps you lived in Boston once, are from there or have visited the city. I heard

  • Earth Day I

    Imagine you give someone a gift. He opens it, looks at it and tosses it aside. Never says thank you. I imagine most of us would feel hurt at the

  • Easter Brunch

    What is Easter about anyway? From what I saw and heard on television, newspaper ads and overheard conversations, I’d say it was about eating: eating out, eating with family, eating