• Dirt – Part Two

    Dirt – Part Two Compost has become dear to me as of late. We purchased a kitchen compost container last summer. Mike’s grandma had one; it was a plastic bucket on the sink. She’d throw kitchen scraps (non-meat stuff) over the hill. The plum tree on that hill was extraordinarily

  • Dirt: Part One

    It is called “Dirt: The Movie”. Yes, the movie and we watched it. Yes, for fun. The movie is an entertaining look at dirt. Dirt is the skin of our planet. Like our own skin it is a living, breathing piece of the planet. Like our own skin it protects.

  • What is NOT necessary for salvation?

    Ever since the church became alligned with the power of Rome (Holy Roman Empire), salvation in the Christian tradition has required a sacrifice: namely Jesus’. While one can interpret scripture to confirm this, there are also passages in the Bible that affirm a different reality. I am thinking of a

  • Confidence Builders

    We are born to learn. From the time we are born, we are hungry to learn about our surroundings in order to get our needs met. Young children are hungry to learn to communicate their needs and so acquire language. We learn to read from pictures, then words in order

  • Taking Life as it comes…

    If you have a busy life, you know how difficult it can be when something upsets the apple cart of your schedule, your list of things that need doing. It can be impossible to “take life as it comes”. For those of us who are trying to make a positive