• Laboratory for Temporary

    I told this story in a sermon.  A South Asian Business group  “custom builds factories and hires a local work force to produce clothing in response to a specific order from a specific company. When the large order is filled, the group dismantles the factory and sets up shop in

  • Luminosity

    The leaves vibrated with color on the still water. Their brilliance made my eyes squint and I had to try and capture this. Luminosity is difficult to capture and contain. There are photographers, skilled in their art, who can do this. Still, the picture is contained in a frame and

  • Fragrance of God

    There was only one strawberry in the entire patch, but I could smell it. I couldn’t see it, but I could smell its sweet perfume. It was strong and heady, nearly knocking me to my knees as I clipped off runners to plant for later. Eventually, as I foraged through

  • Threat to Marriage

    It is unclear to me why same-sex marriage is a threat to my heterosexual marriage or even the institution of marriage. What is clear to me is a recent mock wedding that is discloses an insidious threat to the institution of marriage. I read about it in a newspaper column

  • Urgency

    The mail arrives and on the outside of two envelopes is the word URGENT in red. It grabs your attention so you involuntarily look closer. It quickly becomes obvious that the communication is from a company that knows only your name and address. URGENT is a device to get your