• What Satisfies

    When I learned that 70% of our economy depends upon consumerism – people buying retail goods – I thought two things: 1) that doesn’t seem like a good thing upon

  • Decorate Who?

    Are you empty? Empty of hope, peace, joy? Empty of meaning? Are you full? Full of anxiety, fear, sadness? Full of apathy? The times in which we live are difficult.

  • Laboratory for Temporary

    I told this story in a sermon.  A South Asian Business group  “custom builds factories and hires a local work force to produce clothing in response to a specific order

  • Luminosity

    The leaves vibrated with color on the still water. Their brilliance made my eyes squint and I had to try and capture this. Luminosity is difficult to capture and contain.

  • Fragrance of God

    There was only one strawberry in the entire patch, but I could smell it. I couldn’t see it, but I could smell its sweet perfume. It was strong and heady,